Here is an unsorted collection of  some past demo clips.
All of them show results of complete solo efforts (except mentioned otherwise)

“Caveman Golf” – Caveman Anim, 3ds Max

“Caveman Jump” , Gameplay Video, Flash, 3ds Max

“Caveman Jump” , Gameplay Video, Flash, 3ds Max

“Simpsons” , Ingame Anims

“Generic” – Motorcycle Expo Booth Eyecatcher/Teaser, 3ds Max, After Effects

“CandySwap” – Gameplay Video, Flash

“GemBox” , Gameplay Video

“Icemania”, Eishockey WM Banner Commercial, 3ds Max

“Icemania”, Eishockey WM, Partyteaser, 3ds Max

“Red Bull TV”, Project Concept Presentation, 3ds Max, After Effects

“Earth Views” – Some Earth-from-Space Anims, 3ds Max

“Flying Logos” – Various Flying Logo Anims, 3ds Max, After Effects


Some older animation clips ( Flash Video )
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