Josef Wienerroither 
Lange Gasse 26/23
1080 Wien

Email:  spacefrog (at)


Skype:  joefrog
Mobile:  (+43) (0) (676) 7069089
UID/VAT: ATU61762024

More current work samples are available on REQUEST (email)


  • Autodesk Expert Elite Member, registered Autodesk Beta Tester ( 3ds Max,  Maya etc )
  • 2005 – now : Freelance ( Unity Game & VR Development, 3d Content Creation )
  • 1997 – 2003: Developer/Artist – Hybrid ( VS, C++, Java, 3ds Max, After Effects)
  • 1993 – 1997: Studies in Computer Science and Computer Graphics (TU Vienna)
  • 1987 – 1993: Computer Services and Support Professional
  • 1983 – 1987: College for Communication Engineering and Electronics

Technical Skills ( obsolete tech in curly braces ):

  • VR & Game Dev mostly based on Unity, ( Desktop / iOS / Android / Xbox / PS4 / Switch )
  • C# / C++ , Maxscript, Content Pipeline, Tools and Plugin Development ( 3ds Max ), 
  • 3ds Max, Unity, Adobe Suite ( After Effects, Photoshop, etc )
  • complete 3d Galore – Modelling, Animation, Rigging, Rendering etc…
  • Gamecontent Creation and Pipeline Knowhow
  • Character Design, Modelling and Animation
  • Postproduction, Motiondesign and 2d Animation
  • good knowledge of most tools of the trade

Personal Skills:

  • experienced:  20+ Years of IT Knowledge, solid Qualification (Engineer’s Degree)
  • good Sense of Humor,  companionable
  • passionate, persistent Problem-Solver
  • swift and keen Learner

6 thoughts on “Contact & Info

  • Hello Josef, I’m trying to install your script on 3ds max 2016 / win 10 pro, when I drag mzp into viewport and hit ‘Install’ button, I get the following in the listener window:

    SILENTIUM! Installer: Installation failed, — Runtime error: Error copying [C:\Users\LilSn\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2016 – 64bit\ENU\temp\Silentium\] to [C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2016\scripts\startup\]

    Any ideas on what the problem could be? Hopefully I can get it sorted…I’m tired of clicking ok 20 times on the xref dialogue everytime I open max. 🙂 thanks!

    1. Hmm – I know that Win 10 has some tighter security restrictions, so i guess this might be the reason for this message
      It looks like it fails because the user has no write permissions on the 3sd Max install folder
      I will fix the installer to install the script in the user folder instead and let you know when it’S ready


  • HI Josef

    I have just downloaded your Silentium script for 3dsmax 2016, but i rebooted max also, but the script doesn’t do anything at all, all dialogues still pop up as before, have you got this actually working..? Just wondering.


    1. Hey Chris
      Yes – the script should work right out of the box. After successful installation, you should get a message in the listener right after each Max launch, reading: “### SILENTIUM!: Scene loading callbacks installed…”

      By default SILENTIUM! doesn’t suppress the FIRST popup dialog of it’s kind. So if you have only ONE object Xref scene with mismatching unit setting, it would still display the dialog ( same is true if it has missing plugin ). But if you have MANY separate object xref scenes in our master scene, you still should get only ONE popup. Without SILENTIUM!, you would get a popup for each of the succeeding scenes. If you want to have total silence, without even the first popup appearing, you should check “Never Prompt” in the SILENTIUM! menu. That would take care that all dialogs are suppressed.

      This setting doesn’t survive a 3ds Max relaunch though, for this you can edit the script:
      Look for the following the line “— BEGIN: User adjustable options” in in your startup scripts folder. There is one line which reads “NeverPrompt=false,“, changing it to “NeverPrompt=true“, enables total silence mode right after 3ds Max starts

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