Here’s a quick post to list some recompiles i did for plugins shipping with 3ds Max using the 3ds Max SDK. I did them in the past few month’s or so. Each of them fixes specific bugs or introduce a features compared to the shipping plugins


EditPolyNC (3ds Max 2011/2012/2013):
Recompile of the Edit Poly/Editable Poly plugins. The recompiles bring back the old-style toolwindows (vs. Caddies) , most professional users prefer. You can toogle between Caddies/Old-Stylw windows during runtime using a small macroscript though ( included in the package ).


SkinFix ( 3ds Max2009/2010/2011 ):
Recompile of the shipping Skin-modifiers. This fixing some crashing bug in Max 2009, and display bugs when using “mirror bone” mode





3D Studio File ( .3ds) Exporter/Importer Fix, ( 3ds Max 2013 ):

The shipping version (iup to PU03) looses all external texture references on the materials, when exporting. The importer is broken too, it produces only garbage texture entries in the materials. Those bugs are fixed in this recompiled version


3ds Max plugin recompiles…
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