A retro-remake project i started working on in 2013. Still only WIP and currently on hold.  Original levels using retro spriteset are playable. Prerendered 3d spriteset is in the making. Features quickly swapable spriteset and flexible level generation ( platforms, enemy waves, rockets – all are configurable). See the comparison screens between the retro and the 3d prerendered sprite theme below. Link to the playable web version further down.


Retro Sprites vs. 3d Prerendered Sprites ( WIP )

Here are the retro version and the resprite versions to play ( require Unity Plugin )
(Please note: because of the embeddeding, the text rendering might be off)
If you got a gamecontroller attached, it should be supported !

Play WIP version in extra browser window (Unity plugin required)

Here’s the story and a screenshot about the 1983 original


Original ZX Spectrum screenshot





Feel free to post some feedback & comments 😉

Jetman Tom | Retro Remake ( Working Title )
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