PowerSwitcher switches viewports while remembering previous viewport’s position/pan and zoom data. No more panning/zooming after switching through the various different viewports, as PowerSwitcher stores and recalls all that info for you. Comes with addional features like, cycling views through scene cameras/light views per keypress etc.

Features new in Release Version 1.0:

  • NEW:  WORKING cameras/light viewports cycling feature
    pressing shortcut repeatedly now cycles correctly through all available cameras/lights in the scene.
  • NEW: “ToOppositeView” switching feature to quickly flip viewport to opposite:
    Front<->Back, Top<->Bottom, etc.. supports user views, which mirror the view on the current focus plane
  • NEW: intelligent camera/light picking feature
    camera or light views auto-pick the currently selected camera/light, never get annoying 3ds Max popups again
  • NEW: comes with installer package ( drag&drop installation ). Should be able to uninstall previous versions
  • FIXED: viewport switching does not spoil undo stack any longer
  • MISC: core coder refactor, removed bouncy keypress feature
  • Features V0.6
  • Changed behavior in unmaximized viewport mode: current viewport now is always set to the requested type ,
    regardless if the requested type already exists in the layout. This is the same way the standard viewport switching works.
  • Cycling through viewport types still works in maximized view as previously though
  • Features V0.5
  • No longer interrupts animation playback when switching maximized viewports
  • Provides new maximize-toggle macro which does NOT interrupt playback like the 3ds Max internal maximize toggle. Simply assign your preferred shortcut to it (default Alt+W) and never interrupt animation playback again when min/maximizing

    Features V0.4
  • Keeps memory for every possible viewport type, not just the usual 4 viewports,
  • Provides quick Memorize/Recall macros for each viewport type
  • Cycle through the existing viewports of requested type in an ordered manner
  • Cycle to next camera/light in camera/light viewports per shortcut
  • Experimental “BouncyTrigger” option , allowing  “double tapping”  of  shortcut

Installation / Requirements:

  • requires 3ds Max Version 2009 and higher
  • Copy the script to “scripts/startup” folder
  • Assign shortcut keys via Spacefrog Tools category in Customize User Interface
  • Remove any previous PowerSwitcher related scripts and macroscripts from the corresponding folders
  • Install the MZP package using drag&drop
  • Relaunch 3ds Max and assign buttons/toolbars and keyboard shortcuts to the corresponding actions in
    “Customize User Interface->Spacefrog Tools” category
  • Manual installation steps:
    The file “SF_PowerSwitcher.ms” is to be placed in  “\scripts\startup\”
    The file “Spacefrog Tools-PowerSwitcher_Macros.mcr” is to be placed in your “<usermacros>” folder
    ( depends on installation )

Why i started to develop it:

Many people ( including me) always were unsatisfied with the way 3ds Max handles viewport switching. Even more people got upset after the general viewport switching logic completely changed with ( as far i remember ) Max 2010. Many even suspected a bug in the new Max release, as lots of threads on The Area and elsewhere show.

Just check the following links ( or google for “3ds max viewport switching” )

There are other scripts around already, which restore the pre Max 2010 viewport switching, but this script goes further:
It keeps a memory for EVERY viewport type you used in a Max session, more than the previously possible maximium of  4 viewport types. This means you can switch from and to any viewport as much as you like. You will not loose your objects focus in the viewport any longer, if you decide to switch to a viewport you havent used previously.

Feedback and quirks reporting are welcome !

See the following screenshot for List of the available macros

Available PowerSwitcher Actions


PowerSwitcher Download (current v1.0)


PowerSwitcher: Enanced 3ds Max Viewport Switching
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  • Hi,

    wish this would work in win 10 max 2018
    get error unknown property enableBouncyTrigger in undefined

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback ! Always great to here from people at various places that they find my tools useful. Greetings to Berlin !

  • Hey, tnx for the script 🙂
    The links to issue topics are dead (no wonder)

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