For quick demonstration purposes , i created three demo-levels in Unity. Lightmaps were created and baked in 3ds Max (no Beast used). Texturesizes are quite limited, as the demos are/were meant to be playable on weak mobile devices. Will rebuild everything using all the fine lighting and shading possibilities of Unity 5 if i find time.

Please note:
Physics implementation and logic is rather rudimentary, because of time restrictions. It’s fun to walk through anyway, so have a look and some fun 😉

Requires Unity Plugin ( does auto-install… ), WASD to move, <SPACE> to jump…

Here are some small preview thumbnails


And those are directly embedded:

Demo Room A ( updated to Unity 5/Enlighten GI )

Playground (Unity 4)

Showroom ( Unity 4)

Three quick Unity demo projects ( created in a week )
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