I just completed an afternoon session and built the IfcMax importer plugins for all recent 3ds Max versions. IfcMax is a 3ds Max importer able to import IFC  file format ( *.ifc ).

My builds are based on the current 0.6.0-rc version of the IfcOpenshell opensource framework. Despite the  IfcOpenshell codebase being mostly blender ( blenderbim ) and python focused, it provides importer code for 3ds Max on the github repo. So i fought a whole afternoon with the somewhat convoluted build pipeline, and finally was able to build the plugins for 3ds Max .. hurray !

Update 2022.04.01:
With the official release of 3ds Max 2023, i updated the zip to include the 3ds Max 2023 build too – link stays the same !

Feel free to download the builds over on my github page

PS: i tested the plugins and was able to import some >100MB sample  files. best thing is that the format tends to keep clean polygons/meshes, so no more tesselation hell, which is good !

Here’s a viewport snaphot of a free IFC sample ( > 100MB ) imported

IfcMax importer plugins for 3ds Max 2015-2023 available
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