I was contracted beginning of 2019 to the end of 2020 to program the remake of this Jowood classic from 2003. Together with Mig Marn ( artwork ) and supported by Michael Paeck ( game console specific coding ), we achieved what i think is a great example for a faithful remake that still keeps the originals spirit alive. The game received very positive ratings on Steam after release and spiked ongoing requests for a complete new true sequel for the Neighbours From Hell series.

The remake features a complete uplift in artwork resolution and animation framerate to full HD and 24 fps sprite animations. From the artwork pipeline side of things, the project posed some serious demands and R&D efforts too: about 30k individual sprites and several thousands of individual sprite animation clips had to be created and processed ( cropping, matting, composing and sprite sheet creation etc ).
To keep this manageable, many specific tools were developed, both in the form of Unity Editor extensions and commandline tools (for batch processing) as well.

Neighbours back From Hell ( PC, Xbox, PS , Switch )
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