PowerCoreTools V1.2 released ( Update : obsolete Link fixed )

Just released version 1.2 of my PowerCoreTools CPU managment script for 3ds Max

A tool to control CPU usage while 3ds Max is rendering. Automatically sets process priority and affinity ( the number of  CPU cores the render process uses) at render start. Restores the initial settings when the rendering is done. Can be configured to run in a complete transparent  No-UI mode, which is launched right after 3ds Max has started. This keeps your workstation responsive for other tasks while rendering. A second 3ds Max session stays responsive and can be used to continue work on different tasks.

A look at the following screenshot will probably tell more than thousand words:



Use the tooltip pop-up’s on the UI elements for detailed info. As this is a tool for advanced usage, basic knowledge of CPU priorities and affinity settings are presumed.

Just use the install package ( the xxx.mzp file) and drop it onto your 3ds Max viewport. Choose one of the install options and the tool is ready to be used. A 3ds Max restart might be required. The install package provides an uninstall option too.

New features in V1.2 are 3ds Max 2017+ compatbility and support for 3ds Max’s ART renderer. Currently MaxToArnold is limited, as this renderer manages  CPU resource usage by itself.

http://www.frogsinspace.at/?download=PowerCoreTools (latest version)

PowerCoreTools: 3ds Max CPU management tool (Update: link fixed !)
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2 thoughts on “PowerCoreTools: 3ds Max CPU management tool (Update: link fixed !)

  • Hi
    i’m using vray 3.6 and 3dsmax 2014 whith DR Spawner.
    PowerCore Tools restart each time I lounch a render in other pc.
    is there anyway to configure the system to avoid the reset.

  • “Apply on render” button doesn’t work.

    My OS – Windows 10 pro x64.
    It would be awersome if you can explain why its happend

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