3ds Max fans may know this already: Well known 3ds Max tools developer Ephere is currently busy integrating Nvidia’s Flex particle simulation technology into 3ds Max. They pump out beta versions at a quite fast pace. Since i applied to the beta some time ago, i was ready to give it a short testdrive.

By coincidence i stumbled over a request for help on cgsociety how to wrap something in plastic, shrink wrapping foil. Here’s the original thread on cgsociety. So i thought to start a short experiment using Lucid for this.

I did not have much experience using Lucid before that but still was able to produce a convincing result after about one hour of experimenting. You will notice some penetrations here and there ( finger and ear ), but i’m sure another tweak cycle would solve those issues. For the wrapping simulation, Lucid peformed pleasently fast, even more so when compared to 3ds Max’s standard cloth solver…

And here is a viewport capture of the wrapped character and some quick Mental Ray renderings of the outcome.

Wrapped Ken - 3ds Max Viewport




Experiment: Using Lucid Beta to shrink-wrap Geometry
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