Just a quick heads-up that i updated the MXSEditor plugin for the latest 3ds Max versions. Just download from the original download link

For the inital release post containing all the documentation what this plugin is all about, simply head over to the original release post

PS: no additional features or code changes were applied. It’s a mere recompile for the new Max versions, hence the 1.0 version tag.

MXSEditor plugin builds for 3ds Max 2018/2019 released
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One thought on “MXSEditor plugin builds for 3ds Max 2018/2019 released

  • Hi Man, this is great plugin 😀

    I think now will be possible to achieve those upgrades in maxscript
    -highlight all words which is match in current selection like in Notepad++
    -auto formatting code
    -display hints during writing functions
    many thanks Josef have a good day! 🙂

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