Autodesk finally announced the MaxToA rendering plugin at Siggraph 2016. I had much fun testing this really capable renderer.
Read more about it and the great achievement the 3ds Max devs were able to pull off in a relative short timespan.

Without much additional chitchat, here’s a quick and raw dump of some images i created while testing the pre-release plugin



Maggie_Big Homer_Big Bartie_Big

2016_GoldenRide_C 2016_GoldenRide_B 2016_GoldenRide_A

MAXToA – Arnold for Max render plugin announced

6 thoughts on “MAXToA – Arnold for Max render plugin announced

    1. Yes – looks like it’s missing in the preview. The docs you linked to seem to be half automatically translated from the MToA (MayatTo Arnold ) as the screenshots towards the end show. The per-object parameters shown are maya screenshots too, so looks like its not in the preview currently..

  • Thanks for the info, I hadn’t realised that Mental Ray was completely removed from Maya now. I knew it wasn’t “shipping” – an additional download – but didn’t realise there’s no license anymore. Unlimited mental ray render licenses for max has always been nice! I agree and hope Autodesk turns back on their licensing changes at least a bit, but I dont see that happening 🙁

    I dont see why many Max studios would move from Vray to Arnold when Arnold has no rendernode licenses. if every seat of Max got one UI / rendernode license then that would be more interesting.

    1. Yep – exciting indeed. Regarding the licensing on Maya 2017, looks like Maya users do not see this being a fair deal, as they are loosing Mental ray at the same time. Honestly, i didn’t suspect Autodesk to really reduce the features of Maya 2017 to that extends. Gladly we Max users still have Mental ray shipping with Max 2017. Let’s just hope that Autodesk somehow pulls back seeing the broad negative user reaction, and widens the overly restricted licensing scheme it introduced with Arnold for Maya 2017 a bit for us Max users too in the future.

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